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The Pittsburgh Science of Learning Centers
research facility, LearnLab, makes use of advanced technologies to facilitate the design of experiments that combine the realism of classroom field studies and the rigor of controlled laboratory studies.  It is designed to dramatically increase the ease and speed with which learning researchers can create the rigorous, theory-based experiments that pave the way to an understanding of robust learning.  More information.

Drexel University
The Math Forum
and Drexel University's College of Info Science in Phila., PA, USA, have formed a center for the study of collaboration in virtual communities. Its initial project, the Virtual Math Teams Project, explores formation and support of online small groups of students engaging in collaborative math problem solving. More information.

Georgia Institute of Technology
The College of Computing
hosts a variety of projects in learning sciences and technology, including design of “collaborative Dynabooks”, computer-supported constructionist learning, computer support for online communities, supporting learning from design, studies of apprenticeship learning, computer science education, learning during project-based inquiry, and promoting identity construction. More information.




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