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Cyberlearning Research Summit

June 9-10, 2014, Madison, Wisconsin

The 2014 Cyberlearning Summit will take place June 9-10, 2014 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, just before the Games, Learning, and Society (GLS) 10.0 conference. The Summit will feature advances in cyberlearning that are ready to share with larger audiences.

The deadline for speaker nominations is Feb 1, 2014.
The deadline to apply as a participant is March 1, 2014.

Announcing ISLS NAPLES, a new network of study programs in the Learning Sciences

The Network of Academic Programs in the Learning Sciences (NAPLES) is a network of Ph.D. and Masterís Programs.
For the programs, NAPLES increases international visibility and opportunities for international collaborations with other Learning Sciences sites.
For scholars NAPLES supports the exchange of ideas in teaching and research. Currently the network is establishing a website with a well organized resource collection of texts, videos and learning activities for the design of introductory courses into the Learning Sciences. On the website scholars will also be able to explore the curricula and a collection of syllabi from other programs.
For students, NAPLES helps building up an international network and benefiting from specific expertise in other programs as well as from visiting scholar opportunities and possible international supervision of their research.
As of March 2013, 19 universities with 30 different programs have joined NAPLES.
More information can be found on the preliminary website at

ijCSCL has Highest Impact Factor of Springer Education Journals

The International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning was again highly ranked by ISI's annual "Impact Factor" report released in June 2012. IjCSCL ranks #11 of the 203 journals ranked by ISI in the field of Education and Educational Research and it ranks #6 of the 83 journals ranked by ISI in the field of Information Science & Library Science. IjCSCL is the #1 journal published by Springer and ranked by ISI in each of these categories.

IjCSCL has an impact factor of 2.243 for 2011 and a 5-year impact factor of 3.000.

IjCSCL supports an international research community. It receives submissions from 53 countries. About 7,000 universities and research institutions around the world subscribe to it. Several thousand articles are downloaded every month from and . IjCSCL continues to be read and cited by many researchers in the active computer-supported collaborative learning and learning sciences research community, in addition to being an archival venue for significant research findings.

JLS Article on Productive Failure Mentioned  on

An article published in the Journal of the Learning Sciences earlier this year on Productive Failure (authored by Manu Kapur and Katerine Bielaczyc) has been profiled  on See the mention here and the original JLS article here.






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