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CfP: Open Educational Resources Research Track
10th International Symposium on Open Collaboration (OpenSym 2014)
August 27-29, 2014, Berlin, Germany

Submissions for the 10th International Symposium on Open Collaboration (OpenSym 2014), August 27-29, 2014, held in Berlin, Germany are now accepted.

Submission deadline: April 20th, 2014.

Open Educational Resources (OER) are learning materials that are freely available to use, reuse, adapt, and share. Collaborative spaces such as wikis and blogs allow teachers to connect, share and customize materials. Open online learning environments such as MOOCs make educational material for learners available in and out of school. With OER, we can harness the power of open access to high-level education addressing learners worldwide. The availability of large sets of user data and new analysis methods allows us to take into account individual differences of teachers and learners. By addressing learners’ different needs and various levels of prior knowledge more timely and adaptively, we may overcome the “one size fits all” solution towards a more flexible approach to teaching and learning. Connecting our students with rich and dynamic educational materials, thereby supporting self-paced learning and co-construction of knowledge, we may provoke critical thinking and ultimately enhance their learning. The OER track seeks contributions from researchers and practitioners investigating learning with OER looking at various aspects that make OER distinct from other educational resources such as openness, access, usage and adoption patterns of OER, collaboration etc.

Research Track Program Committee
•    Ryan Baker (Columbia University, US)
•    Pierre Dillenbourg (EPFL, Switzerland)
•    Leonard Dobusch (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany)
•    Ulrich Hoppe (University Duisburg-Essen, Germany)
•    Michele Notari (PH Bern, Switzerland)
•    Jim Slotta (University of Toronto, Canada)
•    John Stamper (CMU Pittsburgh, US)

SIGGRAPH 2010 to Include Learning Challenge Sponsored by Disney Research

ACM SIGGRAPH announces the launch of the Learning Challenge at SIGGRAPH 2010 – an open competition sponsored by Disney Research with the goal of finding new and creative ways to use technology to make learning fun for children. Based on the principle that fun and learning should not be contradictory, teams are asked to develop an engaging, computer-based learning application that will delight, inspire, and reveal key learning concepts for children ages 7-11.

See the 2010 SIGGRAPH Media Blog, the competition flyer and the Learning Challenge website for details.




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